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Black Milk Frother
Marylou Gyetvai

It's cute..enjoy using this..bought it on11/22/21 and received 11/27/21..All about those times..So far is still running well ..mixes up my drinks real well..thankyou

Unicoff is better than the Zulay! Still going strong after 2 yrs 2 mos!

My Unicoff frother was bought in 6/18. In 6/19, I thought I should get another as a back-up, and we could use it in the RV. Hah! I used the Zulay for about 3 wks and the metal whisk fell off. No way to reattach and too late to return. Since my first frother is over 2 yrs old, I checked out reviews for the double frothers but most are rechargable or the reviews aren't great. Only buy those that have 4 1/2 stars! The next frother will be delivered in a few days and I bought the Unicoff again because it has not failed us yet! AND, the battery (only 1 where some take 3) lasts a very long time.

Black Milk Frother
Tanesha Shell
Could be better

Blending power could be a little better. overall it does the job

Absolutely a new discovery!

So useful! Never thought about this item could exist! The blending power is too powerful if used not carefully though. Try it with water first before making a mess haha. Press the button by some trick can help with overpower blending!

so cool

I just love the foam this gadget makes! I enjoy my coffee that much more!

Black Milk Frother
Carolynn McCartney
Amazing- don't forget to buy batteries!

I absolutely love this product! I have used it everyday since buying and it's absolutely a must have for coffee lovers, and even comes with this small recipe book! It does not come with batteries (Needs 2 AA) so have those on hand or add them to your cart!

Great Milk Frother!

I have used several different milk frothers and this one is by far the better of them all. I love the stand that comes with it, the stand makes it easily accesible and very practical.

Great product!

Just a great product to have.

Powerful little guy.

Wow, powerful!

White Milk Frother
Meaghan Lewis
Perfect for daily use

I use the product daily! This product is perfect to stir things that usually do not mesh well especially in cold drinks. Everything blends amazingly. Super easy to use.

White Milk Frother
Jean Mortensen
Easy and fast froth

So easy to use and makes more froth than a larger and heavier electric mixer. This is so easy and quick. It makes a larger volume of froth for my cappuccino than others. So much more that it overfills my cup.

Works great for quick shakes in the morning!

I got this for powdered shakes, and it works perfectly! Easy to use, easy to clean, and quick in the mornings!

White Milk Frother
Kristine Ganancial
Sleek and Compact. Powerful.

Love this. Perfect addition to the kitchen. Whip eggs, milk for macchiatos and more. The holder is sleek and takes up little kitchen space.

White Milk Frother
Victoria Taylor
Sleek and easy to use

I have purchased a fritter before that was flimsy and broke fast. This frother is sleek and so easy to use. The battery cover stays put and is easy to load. Love the black color and stand it comes with. Perfect for my coffee collection.

Awesome all around.

Awesome product! Blends my coffee and is powerful enough to make blends like peanut sauce!


HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I had a friend tell me to buy this and I’m glad I did. Mixes my protein into my milk or coffee or froths my milk for coffee.

Great little frother

I'm no huge coffee consumer, but love my morning coffee with flavored creamer frothed. This little, attractive frother does the job!

Great for blending protein shakes at work.

I love this mini mixing tool. I'm going to order another one for the office. I use it to blend my powdered protein shakes. It fits into the smaller drinking hole on the top of shaker bottles, so there's no danger of powder or froth jumping out and you can make sure the bottom and sides get mixed.

White Milk Frother
Valentina B
Game changer

Enjoy my coffee so much now. Best product ever. Recommended, is a game changer.


Exactly what I wanted and works great!

A necessity for me now

Such a simple but effective tool. Great for frothing milk or blending protein smoothies. Wonderfully convenient

White Milk Frother
Chase Johnson
Takes your coffee to a whole new level!

I just have coffee at work everyday with some creamer, put the creamer in first and froth it and then add the coffee. Makes the beverage so airy and fluffy, this thing is awesome! Not needed but once you have it you'll use it everyday. I even use it when I need to mix emergen-C into water when I'm getting sick, stirs it up super fast !


Great product. Easy to use, easy to clean. Adds that extra to your plain coffee

Very easy to use.

I got one to try and I love it. It's easy to use and it's fun. Now I can have latte at home at no time.

Powerful for a little guy.

This frother is quite powerful. Fortunately, you can manipulate the power button on top for varying speeds. I like it and the stand. Works great. Looks great.